About Our Family Business

Karyn and Jim excel in translating the unique visions of each couple into reality, a skill that is evident in the diverse range of styles they masterfully create. They draw inspiration from a multitude of sources, yet the cornerstone of their creative process is always the couple’s input. Clients contribute their photos, ideas, and personal narratives, which Karyn and Jim artfully bring to life, crafting cakes that range from traditional to avant-garde. The final product is more than just a cake; it’s a bespoke symbol of the couple’s love and story.

About Karyn

Karyn’s passion for baking may have been kindled by a store-bought cake from her Grandma Ruby’s cupboard. This cake, a constant presence and a special treat for Karyn and her siblings during visits, left a lasting impression. The aroma and flavor of vanilla cake at room temperature still vividly evoke memories of Grandma Ruby.

Her fascination with baking grew during a first-grade field trip to Jill’s Bakery in Albuquerque. There, Karyn saw the creation of the very cake from her grandmother’s cupboard. She observed the diligent workers in white uniforms, meticulously preparing and shipping cakes, sparking a deep inspiration within her.

Growing up on the Diné (Navajo) reservation, baking was a cherished activity for Karyn and her sisters. They would bake and sell cupcakes during the two-hour bus ride to school, with classmates eagerly lining up for their latest creations, especially the popular Pillsbury “Cherry Chip.” These early experiences in the kitchen uncovered Karyn’s hidden talents and solidified her love for the art of baking, setting the stage for her future dreams.

About Jim

Jim’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident from a young age, when he demonstrated a keen interest in business ownership. He recognized early on that baking was his pathway to achieving this dream. As the years went on, Jim’s skills in customer relations, sales, and negotiation flourished, fueling the growth of his business.

Jim thrives on interacting with people and is committed to offering superlative customer service along with top-quality cakes made from the freshest ingredients.

At A Cake Odyssey, Jim, as the co-owner and the face of the company, takes great pride in every aspect of the business. Together with Karyn, Jim is dedicated to crafting delicious and visually stunning treats that enhance the celebration of special events.

Jim warmly invites you to visit with him at A Cake Odyssey where he can collaborate with you in creating a delightful confection that will forever endure in your memories.

Our Community Support

Are you looking for a venue and caterer with heart and soul?

We confidently recommend and proudly support the Delancey Street Foundation, which offers full service catering for parties and weddings at Swan Lake Ranch located in the heart of the San Juan Pueblo reservation just north of Española. This exquisite venue has dining rooms that can accommodate up to 200 guests, and features lovely duck ponds and courtyards.

Delancey Street assists individuals who are homeless, recovering substance users, and formerly incarcerated persons looking to turn their lives around. Catering is one of the key vocational skills taught at Delancey Street. You can contact their event planners at (505) 852-4291.

When you work with the Delancey Street Event Planners to order one of our cakes, we contribute 50% of our fees to the organization.

“Dear Karyn & Jim,
We wanted to say thank you so much for our delicious and beautiful wedding cake on our special day. We are so blessed to have worked with you.”

Beth & Katrina

Santa Fe, NM

What's In a Name?

Several years ago, Karyn changed the name of her company from “Unique Cakes by Karyn” to “A Cake Odyssey”.

“This transition was in my mind for a while,” says Karyn. “I was excited to move beyond traditional wedding cakes to cakes that represent the couple’s true journey. The name, “A Cake Odyssey” was born from that concept.