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"A Smile With Frosting"


available by special order. we have many styles and shapes to choose from for your next party.


Available in store, come see our selections


Classic Dessert Cakes
"Cake me away"

*Boston Cream Pie
Cake: Yellow
Filling: Bavarian Cream and Whipped Cream Icing: Ganache
German Chocolate
Cake: German Chocolate
Filling & Icing: German Chocolate
*Red Velvet
Cake: Red Velvet
Filling & Icing: Cream Cheese
*Death By Chocolate
Cake: Chocolate
Filling & Icing: Ganache/Chocolate Butter Cream
Strawberry Boston
Cake: White
Filling: Bavarian Cream, Strawberries, & Whipped Cream Icing: Whipped Cream
*Chantilly Cake
Cake: Almond
Filling: Whipped Cream & Fresh Fruit Icing: Naked Or Whipped Cream
*Carrot Cake
Cake: Carrot
Filling & Icing: Cream Cheese
Coconut Cream
Cake: Coconut Cake
Filling & Icing: Coconut Bavarian Cream
Chocolate Delight
Cake: Chocolate
Filling & Icing: Chocolate Butter Cream
*Italian Cream
Cake: Butter Pecan
Filling & Icing: Cream Cheese
Pink Champagne
Cake: Champagne
Filling & Icing: Amaretto Butter Cream
Old Fashioned White
Cake: White
Filling & Icing: Butter Cream

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