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About Us
"The Magic Behind It All Is A Team Effort"

Interpreting each couple’s vision has always been Karyn & Jim's area of expertise, and it shows in the wide array of styles that they create. Karyn & Jim say they derive inspiration from many different sources but the key in the creative process is the couple. Couples bring in their photos, ideas, and stories; Karyn & Jim will bring them to life, from Traditional to Avant-garde. The end result is more than a cake - it is an expression of the couple's love.

Beyond specializing in wedding cakes, A Cake Odyssey also offers unique designs in cupcakes, fine pastries, birthday cakes, favors, decorative cookies, and groom's cakes. Several years ago, Karyn changed the name of her company from Unique Cakes by Karyn to A Cake Odyssey. "This transition was in my mind for a while," says Karyn. "I was excited to move beyond traditional wedding cakes to cakes that represent the couple's true journey. The name, “A Cake Odyssey” was born from that concept.


About Karyn
"The Love of Baking"

When it comes to Karyn's love for baking, it could have sprouted from a store bought cake her Grandma Ruby would serve her and her siblings when they would come visit. This cake was a treat, and was always in her cupboard, ready to be served to guests. The scent and taste of room temperature vanilla cake still floods her memory of her Grandma Ruby to this day, because of this.

On a school field trip in first grade, Karyn toured an industrial bakery. They went to Jill's bakery, located in Albuquerque. This is  where Karyn witnessed the cake in her grandmother’s cupboard baked, iced, and shipped. She was able to see the many men and women in white uniforms in their environment, working hard to get this treat to the homes of happy customers. She was fascinated, and to say the least, inspired.

As a kid, growing up on the Dine (Navajo) reservation, Karyn’s sister’s and her loved to bake. She recalls baking and selling cupcakes on the two hour bus ride it would take to get to school. Karyn’s schoolmates would line up to buy their latest flavors. Pillsbury “Cherry Chip” was definitely a favorite! The joys of being in the kitchen led Karyn to discover many hidden talents and her true love of the art of baking. And a dream was born!


Preferred Professionals

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  • La Fonda Hotel and Resort

  • Heritage Hotels and Resorts

  • Delancey Street Foundation

  • El Monte Sagrata

  • Loretto Chapel



  • Amanda's Flowers

  • Barton's

  • Artichokes & Pomegranates


  • Absolute Entertainment

  • Mariachi Albuquerque


About Jim
"The Love of Business"

Jim has always been passionate about business. As a kid, he loved the idea of being a business owner and he knew that baking was the best way to do that. As an adult, his skills have grown and so has his business. Jim is excellent in customer relations, sales, negotiation, and loves working with people. He believes that the key to success is providing his customers with the highest quality cakes, made from the freshest ingredients. A Cake Odyssey is the perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth. Our co-owner, Jim, is the face of the company and loves every second of it. We specialize in custom cakes for all occasions, as well as other desserts and pastries. Jim and Karyn are dedicated to creating delicious and beautiful treats that will make your special events even more memorable. Come and experience the joy of A Cake Odyssey.


About Our Community Support
"The Place Where The Magic Happens"

We are proud to team up with Delancey Street Foundation, which is located just north of Espanola. Delancey Street Foundation is a private organization that assists individuals whom are homeless, recovering addicts, as well as people that want a second chance after being released from incarceration. The beautiful property makes a great venue for parties and weddings. The grounds are well maintained, complete with lovely duck ponds, and courtyards. Catering is one of the key vocational skills taught at Delancey Street Foundation, giving us the opportunity to collaborate by bringing our celebratory cakes as part of their Catering Package. We were more than happy to contribute, as it was a fantastic way to give back to our community. They were so wonderful to work with and we would gladly work with them again.

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